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Our offer includes: steel in coils, steel in strips as well as sheet, aluminium and stainless steel and formats and many others. We provide the highest quality of slitting and cutting on each of our lines, while optimizing the costs associated with the use of raw material. We have a high standard of securing the finished goods for storage and transport, fast and timely execution of orders and sheets from the best and largest steel production in the world.


Black steel, or otherwise also called carbon steel is an alloy of iron with an admixture of carbon. Thanks to the carbon content in the composition that this steel can be characterized by high hardness and strength. However it is susceptible to corrosion. Carbon steel is most often produced in coils, strips and sheets, which after appropriate processing are processed into the right products.

We can distinguish the following types of black steel:

  • hot rolled steel – this is hot rolling process. Steel coil sheets are squeezed and crushed by heated rollers. Hot-rolled steel is available in thickness form 12mm. The product obtained by this method is marked with the symbol HR.
  • cold rolled steel- this is a process in which steel is rolled through cold rolls of a rolling mill. Products made in this method are characterized by completely different properties than those hot-rolled and with greater accuracy. Cold-rolled sheets can be both soft and ductile, as well as hard. The products obtained from this rolling method can be very thin and start from 0.1mm.


They are made of a core of cold-rolled steel the top layer of which is additionally covered with a suitable layer of zinc. Galvanized sheets can be covered in the hot- dip galvanized technology as well as by electrolytic galvanizing. Galvanizing of the sheet makes it more resistant to corrosion. Due to such properties, galvanized sheet is often used in places with increased humidity, in contact with water and changing weather condition. Galvanized sheet is made for roofing, ventilation systems, construction profiles, household appliances.


Aluminium sheet – are made of aluminium alloys, resistant to water, but not to hydroxides, anaerobic acids or sea water. To improve their properties they are coated with protective layers. Due to this softness, they are easily damaged mechanically, additionally they are characterized by a very high linear expansion, which should be taken into account when using them. However, aluminium sheet has many advantages. It is primarily low weight, which is of great importance in the production of many elements. It also belongs to the group of precious metals and its durability reaches up to 100 years. Aluminium alloys are a durable and waterproof material and to their plasticity, they are available for further processing.


Durability, resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as corrosion are special properties that distinguish stainless steel from other finishing materials. The term refers to iron, chromium and carbon based alloys which may contain other elements including nickel, molybdenum, silicon. The content of chromium and the addition of nickel determine the advantages of this material. Other important properties are biological neutrality, easy processing and cleaning , as well as aesthetic appearance. There are various types on the market, thanks to which it is widely used in many industries.
Stainless steel is usually used in construction, mainly for finishing elements, including window profiles, household appliances, automotive bands, chimney liners, etc. Corrosion resistance is a feature that makes it suitable for outdoor use. Due to the fire-resistant material, it is also used in fire-resistant door leaves. Stainless steel is not for construction. Sectors such as the food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries constantly use this material in their activities. The most common is the division into four grades:

    • martensitic steel- abrasion resistance, high hardness, magnetic. It is annealed at high temperatures( approx. 900-1000 degrees Celsius). It is mainly used in the chemical and petroleum industries.
    • Ferritic steel- magnetic and crack resistant
    • Austenitic steel- non-magnetic, corrosion resistant and excellent elongation, high yield strength when cold worked. It is stainless steel witch excellent thermal conductivity expansion.
    • Austenitic- ferritic steel- also called duplex steel. It is a type of steel resistant to corrosion, abrasion and stretching which does not lose strength. It will be used mainly in the marine and environmental protection industries.

Tares and steel

Tares specialises in steel metal processing, which is specifically made of stainless steel. Responding to customers’ specific needs, the specialists create a product in line with their expectations. Using professional, high-performance cutting equipment, Tares performs:

Tares’ offer is aimed primarily at companies in the industrial sector. Among other things, the company supplies finished stainless steel formats, strips and sheets.

Acid-resistant steel versus stainless steel.

Acid-resistant steel and stainless steel – very often these terms are used interchangeably – a mistake. The types of steel are defined by European standards. They are divided according to their corrosion-resistant properties. Stainless steel, which has such properties, is divided into : stainless, heat-resistant. Acid-resistant steel is included in the concept of stainless steel, but has special properties, such as resistance to sulphuric, acetic and phosphoric acids. To avoid confusion, it is advisable to specify your requirements, as not all stainless steels are resistant to acids.

Cutting steel using a guillotine and roller shears.

Cutting and slitting stainless steel using a guillotine and roller shears is extremely precise and efficient. In addition, the ecological aspect is maintained, as the amount of waste is reduced to a minimum. Stainless steel has a very wide range of applications from heavy industry and energy production to electronics and precision mechanics. If you are looking for professional and experienced subcontractors – contact us!

Please take a look at our offer and contact us to discuss and specify your order.

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